About Us

Since our founding in 1988, MassMutual Puerto Rico has become one of the Island’s largest financial services firms in its class, offering a suite of products and services that have a tremendous impact on the financial security of individuals and businesses. Our firm is an engine for economic growth in Puerto Rico, assisting with financial security for our clients1 and the continuity of their businesses.

With a needs-based approach, we can help you achieve the feeling of confidence that comes from knowing that you have taken steps to provide your loved ones or business with financial stability in the event of death, disability or retirement. We gather the right people and products to meet your financial needs. Our success tells us something that we’ve known all along – that Puerto Rico’s business owners and professionals require knowledgeable professionals, hands-on service and sophisticated products to meet their current and future needs.


We continually seek out opportunities to learn, and to share our expertise with others. We believe if we are not learning, we are not adapting at the rate of change.

We leverage each other’s strengths and accomplish more when we are a team. A variety of thought leads to bigger ideas and better execution.

Each time we interact with clients and coworkers, we aim to provide a memorable experience that exceeds their expectations. We know we succeed when others refer to us as, “going above and beyond.”

When we become comfortable, we seek new ways to pursue the next level of excellence. We believe that to achieve results we have never had, we have to be willing to do things we have never done.